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In London there are lots of meetings between Entrepeneurs  and Investors. These events create a very powerful network effect which helps everyone be more successful. So what about the South West?

The other day I had coffee with James Routley. James is an impressive and realistic entrepreneur who worked for two years at Eden Ventures. On leaving he received the title “Entrepreneur in Residence” and still plays a role for them on occasion. For the last six months James has been developing and researching his own idea. In my view it’s a good one and stands a very good chance of success (and like the best ideas it may never need external funding).

Back to the reason for this blog. While at Eden, James spent a lot of time in London and benefited from the connections with other Entrepreneurs and Investors at evening events. Now he wanted to associate with other entrepreneurs and co-founders in the South West. He couldn’t find similar events in the South West. Being the Entrepreneur, he started SWFounders which meets the second Wednesday each month.  SWFounders works closely with other networking organisations in Bristol (they had a joint event with BEN a while ago) and they are “For founders and wannabe founders of tech businesses in the South West”. So far the group has reached 130 members in eight months!

Why would you, as an investor be interested? Why does Eden Ventures sponsor the free bar at the event? It’s a good ground to get to know who the up-and-coming Entreprneurs are in the area. The next event, on the 10th November is aimed at introducing Investors into the mix. This and subsequent events give you chance to get to know the next success stories and give some input to their ideas to save them a few “blind allies”.

As James said: “Eden Ventures are sponsoring the event because they want to be the first to know about new, investable businesses in the South West.” Sounds like too good an opportunity to miss. If you’re interested, head to swfounders.com, sign in and you’ll get details of this and following events.

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  1. The TechFounders meet-up has clearly hit some buttons and opened up a new group, bringing out entrepreneurs “into the fold”.
    It’s a great environment and a great initiative of James & Justin Pirie.

    Can’t wait until the next one!

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