The Best Blogs of 2010

In 2010 I’ve written 36 blogs covering topics and areas of interest to entrepreneurs and investors. The focus is that of an investor looking for the least risky investment propositions to place his hard earned cash, time and experience for a good return. But what did the readers of these missives think was most enlightening?

I started writing the 36 blogs in March 2010 in order to provide some realistic views of the Business Angel Investment world. I’ve covered some of the problems Investors find and think about when looking for businesses to invest in. What’s the best way to invest? What are signs of a poor investment? How does the Business Angel world perform?

Here are the top five articles (by most viewed):

While I’m looking at the statistics, the most viewed page on the website lists the Angel Networks in the UK and the most popular glossary entries are “Exit Multiple” and “Rachet”.

Here’s looking forward to a more exciting 2011 since the pundits are telling us that we are heading out of a recession and can expect continued slow growth…

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