7 Sources of Investment Leads for Investors

Not enough high quality leads for investment? Would you like more? If the answer’s “yes”, then use your “ideal investment” specification to open the conversation with (in no particular order)…

  1. Local & National Angel Networks – In the UK there are many local networks (e.g. SWAIN, Xenos, etc.) and national networks (e.g. Envestors, Angel’s Den, Beers & Partners, etc.). They provide a filtering and some Investment Readiness training to those seeking money so you only get to see the best.
  2. Professionals (Bankers, Lawyers, Accountants & Venture Capitalists) – Find out who the lead professionals are for companies that meet your investment criteria and introduce yourself to them. Make sure they are aware of what you are looking for and how they can contact you.
  3. Incubators or Business Accelerators – Many universities have attached Business Accelerators (for example, in the South West, Bristol University has SETsquared and The University of the West of England has UWE Ventures). By targeting the use of your experience and expertise you may find the right company that is looking to expand.
  4. Increase visibility – Become a known, credible investor by publishing articles, giving interviews, and giving speeches. By being in demand you can increase your negotiating power as well as increase the stream of contacts.
  5. Executive Recruitment – Recruitment companies look to place high quality management personnel within companies from the Managing Director down. Some companies seek “investing candidates” in order to enhance the prospects of success for the placement (typically called a Management Buy In).
  6. Business Angels – Work with other Investors, share your quality leads and co-invest with them. They will bring quality deals to you as well as providing feedback on deals you are working on.
  7. Make an investment – By making an investment all those involved know what you are looking for and know that you are serious.

This blog is a brief review of leads for an investor that is covered in much more detail on the course “Finding the Opportunity”.

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  1. SouthWest Founders is also a great place to meet with tech entrepreneurs in the Southwest and find out about who’s doing what. We have over 300 members who meet informally over a few (free) beers on the second Wednesday of each month and talk about start-up businesses. The membership is tightly controlled but investors are always welcome and we value your experience and advice as much as your money!

    We have a ‘no selling’ rule, which means you’re unlikely to be directly pitched at on the night (unless you specifically ask for it), but you will get to know about what’s happening on the tech scene locally and meet with some great people.

    Details of how to get involved are on the website.

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