Why is P4M a solution for start-ups?

I have long lamented that by the time many companies reach the “Business Angel Pitch” point they have moved from the “we need help” mode into “we need money to survive”. Money has become the most important thing and skews all discussions and conversations. The principals are desperate to do a deal (so only provide the good news) and the investors find it hard to establish what’s really going on (because they don’t have the full picture) and don’t have time to get to know the personalities involved. The result can be fatal.

So how can investors find good prospects before money becomes the driving influence? How can they get to know the management team and enhance it before the money runs out?

One answer is AngelNews’ Pitching 4 Management (P4M) events which are being held in all the major cities around the UK. At these events company principals stand up and tell the audience why they are a great company to work with. The CEO has a chance to say why they are going to be so successful while being honest about gaps in the management team that will deliver the results.

I attended the Cardiff P4M at the Wales Millennium Centre – an excellent venue. Each company had a ten minute slot followed by some questions from the audience. After the pitches, sandwiches and drinks were provided. This event was sponsored by Lloyds TSB Commercial in association with Intramezzo and UKBI.

Four companies pitched for new staff. Interestingly they were all looking for someone with Marketing and Sales expertise and knowledge. In addition one was looking for a part-time Financial Director as well. The companies were quite different from each other and my feeling was that the overall quality was better than some Angel events that I’ve attended.

P4M provide a good fit my strategy of getting to know the people behind a company before investing any time and/or money. If you haven’t been to one, check out the next one and attend!

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