Business Connector Survey

Tell Business Connector what’s stopping your business growth.

Who are Business Connector? They describe themselves on their website as:

Business Connector creates contexts where companies at any stage of maturity can access the resources they need.  Through events, training, books, reports, research and its Online Alliance, Business Connector acts as a catalyst for rapid growth and a broker for talent, funding and business services. 
In our four-year history, we have developed relationships with a wide range of organisations and a 5,000+ strong network of primary program participants.  When we engaged this community in research projects, we identified quite different needs for companies, depending on the level of maturity of the business.

To me, Business Connector are all about helping the CEOs of companies to perform better by providing resources in a timely manner. One of the continual questions for Mike (who runs the organisation) is “What is stopping business improving their performance?” and I think that there are many answers to this question from the “I’m happy as I am thanks” to “I don’t know what more I can do for my customers”. These are both perfectly valid and understandable responses.

Business Connector posits that the issue is a lack of funding so they’ve put together a survey to discover if this is correct for the majority of businesses. And, if so, why they are not successful raising the additional capital that they need.

Please go to their website and complete the survey so we all get a better picture of the issues facing businesses in Australia. You never know, the questions themselves may help you to understand what you could do better.

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