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Richard Branson destroys his brand!

Success Resources (tag line: “Do more of what you love”) held a National Achievers Congress on the 8th September 2015 with over 1,000 attendees (my estimate). A quick flick through the 50 page booklet gave me a warning of what to expect…

Michael Burnett – a motivational coach – was the master of ceremonies. He bounced on stage, got everyone’s attention and highlighted how we had all taken our first step on the journey of a fantastic future.

Michelle Bridges was the first speaker who got us up to do some exercise. And, in hind-sight was a blessing in disguise. She didn’t try to sell us anything but gave us an action plan to make a change in our lives – as she puts it “break down the barriers that block our path to happier and healthier lives.” She openly said that nothing she did was new or amazing but it is the style and presentation that made her successful.

Shaun Shelton was an amazingly polished speaker and kept going for over an hour. Even the jokes were timed to perfection. Shelton explained how we could invest in US Real Estate at zero risk but get incredible returns using his company and system. He had previous students on stage to tell us of their success. All we needed to do was attend his nearly-free seminar (you can only sign up at this event in the ten minutes after he finished) and the profit was ours for the taking. Interestingly Lizetta posted a comment on his courses from a previous presentation.

Gerry Robert spoke for another hour on how to “Publish a book and grow rich”. All you need to do is attend his weekend course (again, you can only sign up at this event) and you’ll get special discounts and benefits reducing the $3,999 package to just $179. Fill the form on page 39 now so you can hand it to the 20 helpers on the desks at the back of the hall with your credit card details. As he said, he got rich with his business idea and is looking to buy his own personal jet. What is his idea? Book publishing! On the plus side, this did make me think about the process of writing a book… back to the conference…

Did I say “spoke” I should have said “shouted”. In fact after being shouted at and sold at for four hours I abandoned the event at 12:30 without seeing the star attraction: Richard Branson. Could I face waiting until 7pm when the conference finished, listening to another five hours of this hard, noisy sales bombardment to see Richard Branson (which was the whole reason I went in the first place)? There were no times on the agenda so I didn’t know when he was likely to appear. No, I decided to bail out and “do more of what I love to do”.

So I never got to see Richard Branson in the flesh. I’m sure there will be another opportunity although his association with such an event does make me wonder what the man is really like. Either he condones the event (i.e. is happy to be associated with an event involved in this sort of hard sales tactic) or didn’t understand what the event was going to be (i.e. he didn’t do reasonable due diligence on the event). Neither option is particularly good. Or was it just the money? Or is there a more charitable explanation? I’m sure there is but I just can’t think what it might be… perhaps you can help below…

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