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AVANSER – Another Unsung Australian Success…

Richard Tan is an energetic, enthusiastic CST (Chief Story-Teller) of this small company based out of an office on Elizabeth St in Sydney. When you visit the office, as I was lucky enough to do, there is no indication of the powerhouse behind the short corridor and dull lift. But there is a development team and marketing team keen to solve real world problems – helping companies such as H2O, Honda and Yahoo work out which half of their marketing budget is the most effective. The service is so successful that Richard has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and looking to open an office in the UK.

What the team have implemented is an incredibly user friendly way to manage the arcane voice switching fabric which is the backbone of the big Telecoms providers. Their front end manages the allocation of numbers, the routing of calls and recording of conversations using a “Software as a Service” model. The power comes in the way that they have mapped marketing problems to solutions provided by their software.

Let’s take some examples:

  • I want to know which, of many, adverts the customer has seen which finally caused them to call me. Was it in a news paper? On a bill board? From google? Avanser’s solution is to provide each source with a unique phone number which is mapped to your sales staff. When someone calls, the source is recorded and the new customer directed to the sales staff. If someone uses google they enter a particular search phrase, go to your website and call the number at the top of the page. That number was dynamically allocated in real time so that it can be linked to the search phrase.
  • You want to offer someone the opportunity to request a call on your website. The potential customer enters the number and AVANSER’s system does the rest. It calls them immediately and puts them on hold while it calls the sale staff and then completes the call. Obviously Avanser logs the lead and call as well.
  • Which sales person is getting the most customers to the next stage in the sales funnel? By asking the sales person a couple of questions after the client has hung up, statistics can be automatically gathered. The manager can review the unsuccessful calls to see what additional training may be required to increase the success rate.
  • And a bonus: Did you ever forget to hang up after you called a sales person (and they put the phone down)? Did you ever swear when you were listening to “on hold” music? Yes? All that conversation may be recorded and can give the companies a real view of what the customer thinks rather than what they say.

All this functionality and more is offered using a very clean and simple interface. It was a pleasure to see a well written, easy to use application based on web technology – something many companies fail to provide.

And the cost? Very modest – prices start at just $150 per month… so next time you make a call to H2O, Honda and Yahoo, think whose technology may be routing the call and managing the outcomes.

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