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Beta Workshop Comments

A selection of quotes from the recent workshops kindly hosted by HallChadwick with guests David Kenney and Tim Flahvin during 2016 – the range of workshops has been expanded for 2017 with best guests speakers and co-presenters from around Sydney.

Passionate, high-energy and realistic. My three words to describe how Brian’s presentation style at his workshop on finding funding for start ups. [AM, Nov-16]

Brian’s workshop was high-energy, information-laden and engaging. [LJ, Nov-16]

Thank you for the fantastic workshop – insightful, inclusive and high-impact. I can’t wait for the next workshop in the series.  [RZ, Nov-16]

Thanks for a fantastic workshop. It covered everything I needed to know and more. On to raise that $1.7 million!   [DC, Nov-16]

What separates Brian from other presenters I have seen is that Brian totally understands the purpose of the audience and addresses some of the common mistakes Entrepreneurs make. He also brings in the right expertise / connections to provide value to his clients.   [KS, Nov-16]

Thank goodness I attended Brian’s workshop. I immediately applied it to my shareholder agreement and funding strategy.  I consider myself very fortunate to benefit from knowledge and experience Brian shares. [AJ, Nov-16]

Brian is Australia’s thought leader for starting and growing companies.   [AM, Nov-16]

My struggle is over. Now I can finally articulate why co-contributors should not get 50% or even 10% of my company. [AN, Nov-16]

Australia’s best kept secret. [MG, Nov-16]

Brian is an efficiency buff, a stickler for detail and highly analytical. He positively thrives on challenges and breaking them down into their component parts, then building a solution or strategy. [EV, Apr-16]

It was an eye-opening and outside the box experience [RV, Feb-16]

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