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What did you say?

On the 13th February 30 entrepreneurs gathered at muru-D to learn about pitching and practice their pitch. Chefin’ provided everyone with some great food while they rehearsed their pitches. What was the outcome? Here it is in the words of those who attended…

  • Useful simple practical pitch training without pressure of investors or competitors.
  • Good Introduction to pitching for beginners. Network help by Angel Introduction. Experience Pitching.
  • Overall it is great.
  • I will mention to customers it is great event whereby people could pitch in a safe environment without investors present.
  • It was a great opportunity to hear about new startups and how to pitch your business.
  • I will shout about it from the rooftops!
  • I want to experience what its like to be in control of a presentation.
  • I learnt about some awesome new companies.
  • If you want to move forward in your startup you need to attend the Ideas to Exit meetup.
  • You can reach over 4000 people in Brian’s network to help in various aspects of your business.
  • A feeling of achievement.
  • Great for getting ideas to present & learn. Improving my depth and understanding. Spread by word of mouth and through email, facebook & office space. I came wanting to fill gaps on my preso, hitting those areas “easily missed” or “unknown”.
  • Helpful & very useful. Introduction to new ideas & opportunities. Highly recommend to anyone. I’ll share on social media.
  • It’s useful to have a structure on what the pitch should contain. It is something as a Uni Student I have never had explained to me. – so consider doing talks at universities
  • Great opportunity to practice and get feedback. Referral to potential investors. Tell my team and share on my social networks. Connections with investors.
  • Pitching dreams to other people’s pockets is very humbling. Brian shows you how to achieve this with confidence and humility.
  • Excellent environment to learn & practise the pitch. Friendly and positive/constructive feedback. We need mentors! I will share these thoughts on LinkedIn, etc.
  • I will post your website to my 22,000 LinkedIn contacts.
  • Very interesting mix of new info, practicing and evaluating what’s been learned and networking with business people.
  • Great forum for founders to practice your pitch.
  • I will say: Great place to practice, get advice on pitching. Brian seems extremely knowledgeable about startups’ needs.
  • What will I say? A group of crazies with some amazing businesses – very surprised about the quality of businesses.
  • It is thoroughly worthwhile for any pre-start-up, start-up or small business entrepreneur.
  • I often go to Fishburners Pitches & Beers – I will mention it there.
  • It’s better to have a round-table discussion and select the winner for the pitch from each table. It’ll give a lot more people opportunities to pitch.
  • I think it would be good to have more professional input. As in more feedback from Brian to the pitchers. This would help them & also the audience.
  • How can U help? Make a full list of investors in Australia with their levels of investment , not just angels.
  • What I want? Limit pitch duration so you get more pitches. e.g. 5 min + 5 min discussion would have made 6 pitches per hour and do 2 hours of pitches.
  • Few less pitches and constructive feedback on each . Be constructing and fixing their issues.
  • Recent startsups to talk about their experience
  • Know any investors interested in healthcare?

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