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I inspired amazing progress for Yepsy – now you need to help

In June 2017 Demertzi was hungry and he needed exercise. It was lunch. Which to choose? Now it’s a question he no longer asks and nor do many other people. I, Brian Dorricott, interviewed Demertzi recently to discover more about his journey.

How would you describe what you do?

The lunch break at my full-time job is only 30 minutes which gave me time to either go to the gym or eat. But I wanted to do both. That lead to the creation of a low powered portable oven to reheat food on demand.

What impact did Lean Commercialisation have?

After filing my patent, I searched the internet and found lots of confusing information. Possibly 20% was relevant but I which 20%? I contacted Brian and he gave me a process to follow. From this I gained two major benefits:


I focused on what was needed right now and made better use of my limited time in the evenings. Brian explained the Business Model Canvas and Steady State Plan which gave me instant clarity, confidence and set goals for future actions. In the end, I never did write a formal business plan. As Brian pointed out, who was going to read it?


I’d thought about who could use my product and other features that could be added. For example:

Use Anywhere It could be powered using batteries serving those on building sites, camp sites, etc. Tradesmen no longer need to carry around microwaves!
From frozen Thermometers & software to work out when to start heating the food with detection of frozen, chilled or room temperature food.
Ready alert Notifying the owner when the food is ready.


The question was which to concentrate on first? Going through the Customer Discovery and interviewing over fifty potential customers gave me insight into which features to pursue for version 1.

What one bit of advice would you have given yourself a year ago?

My philosophy is that when you need to know something you will become prepared and know the answer by the time you need to make the decision. Since I am always curious, listen to podcasts, and read real case studies I feel that I’ll always be ready for the next challenge.

My advice is keep being curious and ask “What if?”

How can anyone reading this help you?

Since June 2017, I’ve been posting details of my journey on my website. I completed my first major piece of market research in August and will never stop! The company has been created, I have identified my first niche market and I am creating my first products.

Please help by spreading the word – either of my journey so others can see how they can realise their ideas (even when in full time work) or of my personal oven. Tell your friends to head to http://www.yepsy.com.au.



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