Lean Commercialisation Program

Edtech Scaffolding App to boost playful skill-building funded

Great news, Asha Murhpy achieved two milestones this week:

  1. Straylings was selected by Silicon Valley company Fingerprint  as an educational app for future partnership; and
  2. Asha has funded the development of the next version.

I’ve been taking Asha through the Lean Commercialisation Program over the last year and covered areas such as Customer Interviews, Time line, Board Meetings, Funding Strategy and leveraging her Expertise. Asha was ecstatic: “At last we can turn our idea into a full product knowing that there is a distributor that loves our work.” I commented that “being authentic, diligent and humble” where traits that led to her success.

While the idea has a provisional patent, the essence of the quality of the product is the skill and expertise that goes into creating its content.  Asha Murphy is an expert at scaffolding the delivery and content of learning objectives to optimise the functioning and development of the neuro-frameworks involved in learning. The brain uses and builds structures to quickly assimilate facts and learn new processes. Building the neuro-framework correctly is critical since the speed of future learning depends on the information and concepts being stored correctly.

Getting the scaffolding wrong is a bit like building the internal framework of a skyscraper incorrectly – no matter how nice the offices look, the building will not be able to support the load of having employees in those offices. And just like a building, a brain’s framework is difficult to retro-fit once it is built. The good news is that unlike a building the brain is very forgiving and flexible and will accommodate the new learning somewhere else. However efficiency is reduced. So the correct scaffolding of the neuro-framework is super important for efficient learning.

Asha’s Edtech product certainly delivers on this. For more information on Staylings (the embodiment of the concept) and Edu-fy (the company), please head to Asha’s website.

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