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6 Reasons to do Customer Interviews


Clients often ask me why I keep “going on” about doing interviews.

“Why? We know what customers want. We’ve asked them if they want it.”

And that’s the point, they assume they know what customer want. They have assumed the customer cares about the problem that they’ve solved enough to buy a solution.

Briefly, there are six reasons to do interviews:

1. First time: An interview my take a long time, but not as long as building the wrong thing and starting again. Build it right first time.

2. Expert: If you are an expert at solving a problem, people will come to you to solve it. And you  have something to sell them.

3. Customers’ World: What are your customers doing when they have the problem you solve? Knowing this means you can ensure they think of you at that critical point.

4. First Customers: People buy from people. Those you talk to will be your first customers.

5. Empathy: When you have sold to your friends, you need to sell to strangers. Empathy is portrayed by matching your language to your customers.

6. Pricing: Interviews tell you the value of your solution to your customers. If that is ten times your manufacture cost, you know you are on to a winner.

Interviewing never finishes but after the first hundred you’ll have much more knowledge and confidence that you are on the right track.


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