From 9:30 to 16:30 you will learn and put into action knowledge from world renowned experts with a cohort of like minded entrepreneurs.

This workshop starts by completing the Business Model Canvas for your business and end applying different lenses from some of the worlds greatest thinkers to test and expand the model.

In the afternoon we spend time looking at low cost ways to effectively test and tune your proposition so that when you can be confident you are on to a winner.


Before the workshop you will receive a worksheet to help marshal your ideas so you can make best use of the day. Please complete it and come with an open mind and lots of questions!

What you receive

  • Set of slides (used on the day)
  • Jargon dictionary
  • Recommended reading list
  • Your own Business Model Canvas
  • Your first Value Proposition (VP) Statement
  • Potential strategies to test your VP


Business Model Canvas

  • Introduction of segments: Key Partners, Key activities, key resources, value proposition, Customer relationships, customer segments, channels, Cost Structure, revenue stream

Lenses to improve the Value Proposition

  • Job to be Done Theory (Prof Clayton Christensen)
  • Value Positioning Statement (Geoff Moore)
  • High-Concept Pitch (Venture Hacks)
  • XYZ (Steve Blank)
  • Elevator Ride (Dave McClure)
  • X10 Better (Peter Thiel)

How to test your product / service

  • Risk & Weakness Analysis
  • How to conduct a survey & Managing robust feedback
  • Build – Measure – Lean Cycle

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