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Bonus Pitch Slide: Impact Method 1


When you pitch to Business Angels and Venture Capitalists they are expecting a specific narrative (see the well known “10 Pitch Slides”) and to be “Sold to”.

You have three options: you pursue the standard form and pitch with questions at the end; you change from the expected form; or the investors take charge of the agenda.

In the first and third, ultimately you’ve lost control of the agenda (it’s just faster in the last option) so how do you regain control and become more humble, trustworthy and open at the same time?

Introducing the “Reasons not to Invest” Slide.

The slide has four positive impacts on your audience that we cover in more detail in the following nuggets:

Disarm the audience and get them on your side.

You will look smart and show how much more you know than just your business.

You will look trustworthy and open, making your strengths more credible.

You will get the audience to assess the idea, not the presentation of it.

It’s challenging to choose the right reasons not to invest but the impact can be engagement rather than investors counting themselves out.


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