The Purple Cow – A Review

The Purple Cow – A review

Five P’s of marketing or six? Godin adds one more “Purple Cow”. If you happy thinking that marketing spends increases sales, don’t read this book. It may cause you to rethink…
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What Do Sir Richard Branson And I Have In Common?

What do Sir Richard Branson and I have in common?

Virgin's Sir Richard Branson, Amstrad's Sir Alan Sugar, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and media magnate Ted Turner are all highly successful business people. And they are all dyslexic. So what does it really mean?
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AskSunday? 4HWW Says “YES!”

AskSunday? 4HWW says “YES!”

“It would take a brave person to do it and I wanted to be brave, so I decided to do it.” What you may ask? I read one and hired the other… you’ve only a few words to read to find out exactly what this is all about! Onwards…
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Disrupted By Hubspot – A Review

Disrupted by Hubspot – A Review

Dan Lyons’ book disrupted gives an alarming view of the new world propagated by the unicorn companies. Is it really where we want to go? Is this really what capitalism is all about?
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Race For Relevance – A Review

Race for Relevance – A review

Coerver and Byers’s book is one I wished I had read before I started at the job as part-time Executive Director at TiE Sydney some nine months ago. The solutions presented were comforting – I’m on the right track. But what is the right track? Read on…
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The Top 5 Regrets Of Dying – A Review

The Top 5 Regrets of Dying – a Review

A while ago I added the “The top 5 regrets of the Dying” by Bronnie Ware to my reading list. Now I've read it, here’s a summary of her powerful insights…
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PowToon Killed The Video Star?

PowToon killed the Video Star?

I needed a short professional video to illustrate “Why you need Lean Commercialisation” for the Meteorical website. Using a camera is one option… but would PowToons be better?
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Have You Been Hooked?

Have you been hooked?

To while away the hours on a return flight to Melbourne recently I completed reading “Hooked” by Nir Eyal. It made me think about the way companies such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (amongst others) approach the world. They have turned vitamins into painkillers so you have to have them…
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In The Plex – How Google Thinks, Works And Shapes Our Lives

In the Plex – How Google thinks, works and shapes our lives

I’ve just completed reading Steven Levy’s book about Google which was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 – a year after I started my first company. I heard about it in 1999 and have followed their progress ever since. Today I review "In the Plex – How Google thinks, works and shapes our lives"...
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The Kindle – 2 Months Later…

The Kindle – 2 months later…

I’ve now been using my Paperwhite Kindle for a little over two months. What do I think of it? Was it worth the $161 on top of the price of books?
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The Paperwhite Kindle – A Review

The Paperwhite Kindle – a review

Ever wondered what the Kindle White is like to use? Eventually I took the plunge and this is what I found? Should you buy one?
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Design A Logo? Better, Faster And Cheaper?

Design a logo? Better, faster and cheaper?

This piece describes my experience using a 'crowd sourced' design service. You can see the end result on the right hand side of the website. So was it better, faster or cheaper than the alternatives?
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