Ways of catching deals


From 9:30 to 16:30 you will learn and put into action knowledge from world renowned experts with a cohort of like minded entrepreneurs.

How do you find the right investors (of time, money and energy) in your business? You’ll be working with them for the next decade so this workshop will take you through your due diligence and their due diligence process ending with a case study of an offer and negotiation of a Business Angel deal.


Prior to this workshop you” receive a link to a video and some documents to review. We look forward to seeing you on the day with your questions!

What you receive

  • Set of slides (used on the day)
  • Dilution calculation spreadsheet
  • Jargon dictionary
  • Recommended reading list

Guest Speaker

To be Announced


Investment Process Steps

  • Investor Readiness – Document summary, Intellectual Property, Virtual Data Rooms
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements, Term Sheets & Share Holders’ Agreements

Understanding Investors

  • Researching & building your target list
  • What you need to know from investors
  • Managing the Investors
  • Introduction to BRUCS

Company Valuation

  • 12 methods
  • Rules of thumb & metrics


  • 5 styles – choosing Collaboration
  • Warning signs
  • 16 Common Negotiation Points

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