Complementary Organisational Checkup

Please complete the short questionnaire below by selecting between 1 (weakest) and 5 (strongest) for each question. Don’t “over think” it, just go with your gut feeling when you read the question.

None of the results of this test are recorded by us although we’d love to know the answer!

1.We have a clear vision in writing that has been properly communicates and is shared by everyone in the company.
2.Our core values are clear, and we are hiring, reviewing, rewarding, and firing staff around them.
3.Our Core Focus™ (core business) is clear, and we keep our people, systems and processes aligned and focused on it.
4.Our 10-Year Target™ (big, long-range business goal) is clear, communicated regularly and is shared by all.
5.Our target market (definition of our ideal customer) is clear, and all of our marketing and sales efforts are focused on it.
6.Our 3 Uniques™ (differentiators) are clear, and all of our marketing and sales efforts communicate them.
7.We have a proven process for doing business with our customers. It has been named and visually illustrated, and all of our salespeople use it.
8.All of the people in our organisation are the "right people" (they fit our culture and share our core values).
9.Our Accountability Chart™ (organizational chart that includes roles/responsibilities) is clear, complete, and constantly updated.
10.Everyone is in the "right seat" (they "get it, want it, and have the capacity to do their jobs well").
11.Our leadership team is open and honest, and demonstrates a high level of trust.
12.Everyone has Rocks (1 to 7 priorities per quarter) and is focused on them.
13.Everyone is engaged in regular weekly meetings.
14.All meetings are on the same day and at the same time each week, have the same agenda, start on time, and end on time.
15.All teams clearly identify, discuss, and solve issues for the long-term greater good of the company.
16.Our Core Processes are documented, simplified, and followed by all to consistently produce the results we want.
17.We have systems for receiving regular feedback from customers and employees, so we always know their level of satisfaction.
18.A Scorecard for tracking weekly metrics/measurables is in place.
19.Everyone is the organization has at least one number they are accountable for keeping on track each week.
20.We have a budget and are monitoring it regularly (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

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Once you have answered all the questions and pressed the "Tell me my results" button, your results will be shown here. None of the answers to your questions are records, so if you want a copy for your records, please print this page or ask us to send you a PDF version.

Brian Dorricott

Your EOS Implementer

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is not for everyone. It’s different.

It is for executive teams in companies with 10-150 employees that are honest, open, and know that the status-quo is not an option. It’s for teams that want to make a difference to their customers and families. If that’s not you, read no further!

Just like on a computer, the operating system should be invisible but make everything work seamlessly. That’s what EOS is. It is all about the underlying efficiencies and processes that allow the executives to think about the vision, the future and competition outside the window.

EOS works because it’s based on the work of the world’s greatest business analysts, simplified and made coherent. Over 45,000 companies around the world have already installed it and a reaping the rewards. And, just like a computer, once installed you don’t have to have the consultant visit again. That is your choice.

Sound interesting?

Take the Organisational Checkup and see how you score. You could get a complementary copy of the book “Traction” which describes EOS.