The loneliness of command.

Why is it lonely?

At the end of the day the CEO needs the best advice from employees, board members, executives, advisors, etc. to make the tough decisions. The CEO must be the person with access to the most complete information available (usually only 10% of what they want though). Rarely is all the information available. So it’s always a challenge to make the “right” decision for everyone when it goes against the advice in the room.

Do you know what makes this worse?

What if the executive is not working well? What if they don’t deliver the information the CEO needs?

The decisions will be wrong.

The company will fail.

Everyone will be out on the street.

The CEO knows this and still has to make a decision in everyone’s best interest – that’s the pressure.

So as a company grows, the information and communication infra-structure is critical. After reaching a few tens of employees it needs attention again.

That’s why every company needs an Operating System to maximum communication from the front line through the managers, executive and to the CEO.

That’s what the Entrepreneurs’ Operating System is.

Only someone who’s been there can truly understand this. Check out my experience on my blog here and contact me if this resonates with you for a complementary discussion that could change your life.