8-May-18: What's in a perfect pitch (workshop)

What do investors look for in a pitch? What do they mean when they ask about “Competition”? Have you thought about intellectual property? How do you create the “Fear of Missing Out” so that investors will come to you?

That’s what today’s session will cover… In just an hour we’ll look at the top ten slides for a pitch deck as described by Sequoia Capital (one of the biggest US Venture Capitalists) and SendDoc (who’ve analysed 400 successful pitch decks). You’ll discover:

What is in an Elevator Pitch;

Which slides are the most important for an Investor Presentation;

How an investor looks at a proposition; and

The importance of energy, emotion and belief.

These are the core ingredients to creating a compelling pitch for funds from your family, friends, investors and government. Miss any of these and you may kill any chance of getting funding because there are a very limited number of investors in Sydney and they all know each other…

Tue, 5-Jun: The Entrepreneur's Operating System

Get an insight into what makes a great company work. This evening we’ll examine what process and systems lies behind a successful, high-growth company. This Operating System has been installed in over 18,000 companies world-wide…

Tue, 3-Jul: Got an idea? Today learn how to run a market test

Had the idea… Written your Value Proposition? Have you interviewed 100 people? Do you know what your customers want? Even if you’ve asked lots of questions have you done it right? Now what’s the quickest way to carry out a test to see if you’re right? That’s the question we’ll answer tonight: How to run a Market Test.

Tue, 7-Aug: How to halve the time it takes to pitch to investors

It’s only five minutes, but what should be in it? Can you be certain you’ve not missed anything? Did you just spend a day researching the wrong stuff? Where should you put the effort in?

Tue, 4-Sep: When to ask for what from whom

When do you ask for help? What to you need? Money, mentors, space, customers? Do you need legals? Tax advice? Valuations? Share Holder’s Agreements? Who should be on the team? And when? Today we will take you through a typical company timeline and highlight strategies to attract the people to help you at the right time.

Tue, 2-Oct: How to halve customer acquisition cost

How do you halve your customer acquisition cost? Or, how do you double your income? What impact would gaining twice as many customers make? For no increased cost? That’s more profit to give you flexibility to grow. And more customer validation.

Tue, 6-Nov: How to go viral on Facebook & Linkedin

Will advertising on facebook get you customers? If so, how much should you spend, how do you target? Or is there a better way? What about LinkedIn? Can you sell on LinkedIn? And all the other social networks. How important are followers, connections, and likes? How do I make my product go viral? What happens if you cross the line?

Tue, 4-Dec: Xmas party - pitch, challenge & commit

Do you have a great pitch? Got plans for 2019 you need help with? This is an event with three parts. We’ll pull a business card out of the pot and the chosen person will have the chance to do three things: …