Where To Pitch In Sydney

Where to Pitch in Sydney

Want to know where the investors are? Here's an updated list of places you can pitch after you've practiced at one of my "Pitch Trial" evenings.
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The Dark Side Of Uber

The Dark Side of Uber

I Ubered (is it a verb yet?) I asked questions. I listened and cogitated. I came to a conclusion…
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What Is Lean?

What is Lean?

Find out the principles of Lean Manufacturing and where they come from.
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You Toiled How Long To Get Some Income?

You toiled how long to get some income?

I recently attended a start-up event hosted by Incubate at the University of Sydney where Bill Tai and Rebakah Campbell gave keynote speeches. I felt disturbed by two things I saw. Read more to find out why…
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6 Networking Secrets Revealed

6 networking secrets revealed

Apparently “Networking” is hard. We all know people who are good at it: Tony Abott, Bill Shorten, Sir Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Warren Buffett. You don’t have to like them but you can admire them for their success at managing their networks of people. You can do it too. Networking is only hard if you don’t prepare for success. Here are my six tips so you can be successful at your next networking event.
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4 Ways For An Investor To Exit

4 Ways for an Investor to Exit

What should be on that slide called “Exit” in the pitch? What is realistic for both entrepreneur and business angel (or investor)? Put it another way, if you’ve just bought $250,000 of shares, how can you get it back?
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Are You Making The Wrong Sort Of Profit?

Are you making the wrong sort of profit?

A while ago I was told a sad story of a company that went bankrupt because they made the wrong sort of profit… did you know there was more than one? In fact there are two key types of profit. This is what happened...
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Read Xero’s Terms And Conditions And Then Weep!

Read Xero’s Terms and Conditions and then weep!

I am looking for an online accounting package. Xero is highly recommended so, just because I do this sort of thing, I read through the Terms and Conditions. I must be the only non-Xero employee to do this! I am amazed. To my mind it is unconscionably one-sided…
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What Is Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)?

What is Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)?

Call in a lawyers or accountants and ask them to do due diligence and they will do an excellent job. Contracts will be in place and the historic cash flow assured. But should you invest in the business? What else should you look at? And are you the best person to look?
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Expanding Into… The UK Or USA?

Expanding into… the UK or USA?

Recently I was fortunate to have coffee with Rod Bishop – a very successful entrepreneur leading Jayride. Jayride is already successful in Australia and there were plans to roll out globally. But which market would be the first step on this ambition? How do you even start thinking about this? Here are some of my thoughts, what do you think?
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How Many Business Angels Are There In Australia?

How many Business Angels are there in Australia?

Just why are there so few angels? Can we work out how many there are? Yes we can! Here’s how…
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8 Ways To Lose Investors

8 Ways to Lose Investors

Brilliant idea. No Investors. Pay for a mail out through an Angel Network. Email Venture Capital funds. Lots of interest. But it all goes away. Why? What did you do wrong? Let’s look at it from an Investors’ point of view... why do they drop those “perfect” investments?
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