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Having the idea
is just the start…

I have an invention, where do I start?

Good news: There is a process to make money out of your idea. Bad news: The details are different for ever idea. That is where our concept of Stacking Principles comes in. Together we empower you by building your knowledge and expertise across key areas you need to get the maximum benefit from your invention. You retain control over what to do – sell, license or build your own income stream.

How do I find Business Angel Investors?

I can give you a list of Business Angels in Australia. You only get one chance to make an impression and it has to be right first time. Investor Readiness is the process of Stacking Principles to empower you to get the best deal when you sell your equity. Working together we will get to the position where Private Investors and Business Angels are desperate to invest in your idea.

How to make an impact with your idea

In our next funding and commercialisation webinar on [next-webinar], I will show you why the “glamours stories” of success are just that: theatre. I will tell you about six mistakes many people make and how the concept of Stacking Principles avoids them. I will tell you about the hidden source of funding that few people are aware of so you can save time, money, and emotional energy. At the end there is time for your questions.

When you sign up for the webinar and newsletter, I’ll send you my booklet “Idea Funding Options” as an introduction of how you could benefit.

After the webinar, I’ll send you a list of Business Angels, Venture Capital companies, Accelerators and Incubators in Australia. There is more: I will give you a 45 minute free consultation to help you understand your own individual pathway to success.

The next webinar starts in:

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Join the next Idea Funding Webinar on [next-webinar]

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