If you have started searching for funding you’ll have already discovered how much work there is to do. From knowing nothing to getting the funding it can take around 2-3 man days per week to manage a funding round for 2-3 months or even more. That’s a lot of time away from the business which should be producing an income from its customers. So what to do?

  • Learn from the experts by attending workshops and watching pitching competitions.
  • Outsource the “heavy lifting” to someone who has the experience to speed up the process and connections to investors.

That’s why I offer you $1,000 off the following programs if you have completed one of my workshops already. Each program is quoted on a fixed price based on your requirements and quotes typically range from $5,000 to $30,000 + GST. I do not offer “payment on investment” because that means I’d need to triple the price to you in order to account for those CEOs who abandon the raise before it is completed. I like to keep it simple… you’ll see the results and know how much it’s going to cost you before you start.

Pitch Deck Creation

  1. Full briefing on company
  2. Draft Deck & Questions
  3. Final Deck Produced
  4. Graphics Created
  5. Fine Tuning


  • Product/Service Definition
  • Market Knowledge
  • Financial Model
  • Business Model
  • Key Personnel’s backgrounds

Financial Model Creation

  1. Full briefing on company
  2. Model produced & questions
  3. Review answers & implications
  4. Final model produced
  5. Fine Tuning


  • Business Model
  • Quotes for costs
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market size evidence
  • Growth Profile

Marketing to Investors

  1. Identify type of investor
  2. Test proposition
  3. Fine tune marketing
  4. Market to investors
  5. Facilitate first meeting


  • Pitch Deck
  • Financial Model
  • Due Diligence test completed

When you are ready, arrange for a phone call to see how I can help you by using this booking form:

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