Impact Today's Jobs Right Now

“Job To Be Done” Coaching makes real impact to you and your business immediately by concentrating on providing what is needed now to reach your long term goals.

How does it work?

There are two ways we can provide you with the coaching you need:

  1. You decide your agenda for each session. We will work with you to ensure that your goals are reached.
  2. You select an agenda or target from the sample list below and we will concentrate on that aspect of your business.

Your coach will hold you to account on your actions and make sure you answer difficult questions in a non-confrontational way.


Perhaps on of the most effective and useful tools your coach can use to help you use your time more efficiently is encapsulated in the “Future Time Line” and goal setting session. After two hours you’ll be highly energized and able to make a real impact on the success of your enterprise.


Applying the lens of the “Business Model Canvas” to your company identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your proposition from an internal perspective allowing you to articulate the benefits of your ideas to start your tribe of believers (who will power you through the tough times and be your first customers).


After two hours you will have your Value Proposition nailed out and understand the three aspects of your Unique Selling Proposition. This will drive every communication you have with people about your company and how it will benefit them – essential to grow fast and move forward quickly.


Work out how you differentiate from your competition: clue if PRICE is the sole differentiating factor you have a problem. There are many other ways of differentiating and this session will identify the most appropriate for you.


Steady State Analysis is a financial model designed to evaluate how much income you will need in order to cover all your costs which is consistent with a range of metrics. Once the model is completed the hockey-stick graph can be justified.


Review all the methods of creating revenue, their potential and quantum. Apply this to creating a coherent business model where each activity leads to the key route to revenue. The outcome a Business Model you can articulate to investors of time, money and expertise.

Three ways to move forward

Book a trial 30 minute JTBD Coaching session by at no cost! You will discover just how powerful this coaching technique is for you.

Book a single two hour coaching session for one of the topics above or your own topic for $525ph+GST.

To make a real, sustained difference to your company this year, book six two-hour sessions and receive a 10% discount at the same time. Payment plans are available.

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