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3 Hat Mastermind Workshop

9-Apr-19: Implement an effective leadership culture

Every organisation has a culture.  Some are really effective, promoting growth, while others are toxic.  Your culture permeates every employee interaction, how you deal with suppliers and clients.  Culture has a huge impact on innovation and productivity.

In this session we’ll discuss three predominant cultures and how they contribute (or not) to long term success.  Hint:  Only one culture has been proven to last the distance, achieving over 3x the number of successful IPOs of the others.

This session builds on the accountability and GWC structure you designed in the previous workshop to build a world-class recruitment and staff retention process.

1 Hour Webinar

17-Apr-19: What is the Value Proposition?

The Value Proposition is at the core of understanding why customers are interested in what you are about to sell them. When you approach building a value proposition in a structured, ordered way you build your knowledge and expertise about your customers. It allows you to identify with them much more quickly and effectively. Which ultimately means that you’ll build a loyal group of people who’ll buy from you when you are ready. Creating your first product without understanding why someone will use it is folly and expensive. This webinar will help you avoid that trap.

3 Hat Mastermind Workshop

7-May-19: Defend your market while developing new ones

Why should I buy from you?  What do you do that differentiates you from your competition?  Do your customers agree?

Understanding why your customers buy from you is critical to defending your market.  And it may not be what you think.  In fact, most of the time it isn’t.

But you’ll never know unless you ask.  Failure to understand and explain your unique value proposition risks you becoming a commodity – that is competing solely on price in a downward death spiral.

Having built an effective leadership team, we take you through a process of discovering your current value proposition, then use the strategy canvas to take your offering to the next level. This will allow you to defend your current market more effectively and potentially expand your products into emerging, growing markets. We may even have time to conduct your first, unbiased customer interviews.

14th & 15th May – Pitching and funding options

This workshop is targeted at those who need to get a very fast and quick understanding of the different funding options available to businesses as they grow. The second part is spent preparing attendees to pitch their idea by examining the background work that goes into producing a pitch and finally cover some pitching techniques.

Cover the funding options available to a business how to stage them over time: FFF (Friends, Fools & Family), pre-sales, Grants, Loans, Convertible Notes, Crowd Funding (Pre-sales & Equity), Equity (Accelerator, Angel Networks, Venture Capital, SAFE, ESIC, IRR), IPO. Look at advantages, disadvantages and challenges of each option and the preferred path.

1 Hour Webinar

15-May-19: Understanding Business Angel Investors

Why do Business Angels make investments? Get it wrong and the Business Angel could punish you and make your life not worth living. Get it right and they could be your best friend for life. So how to choose?

In this Webinar we’ll complete the Value Proposition for a typical angel and then look at how different types of Angels can help you. We’ll round off by looking at some example questions you could ask to discover if they are the right person for you.

22nd May – Pitching and funding options

Knowing your real costs from development to delivery is essential when building your business model.

During this workshop we’ll look at how you prove you will have a company that can make a profit. You will also learn how to value your company and draft an investment proposition.

Previous events

22-Mar-19: AgriFutures: Teacher Professional Development

Session 3: Pitching Masterclass

Pitching is all about providing pertinent information in a simple, easy to understand and short presentation to generate enthusiasm and interest from those who are listening. Today we’ll look at some techniques used by the masters to encourage people to follow and support them to achieve their purpose.

Session 4: Problem Solving Masterclass

Most ventures fail due to a mismatch between the solution and what customers are looking for. We’ll spend some time looking at the key tools of the Entrepreneurial world – the Value Proposition Canvas and Customer/User/Beneficiary Interview. Once the techniques are learned and embedded, finding problems people are willing to pay to have solved becomes a way of life.

1 Hour Webinar

21-Mar-19: Advising Australian StartUps – The Opportunity and the Risks

When the next big thing enters your practice, how are you going to make sure of their success and tag along for the exciting ride?

The Australian Startup Ecosystem is growing and changing rapidly but is limited by the quality of advice and help provided to those with a seed of an idea. When an inventor starts on the journey of commercialisation there is a huge opportunity to add immense value very quickly because they have so much to learn. By pointing them in the right direction to get the best, pragmatic advice you will help them to either fail fast (saving their cash for idea 2) or improve their idea increasing the prospects of success. There is never a guarantee of success, however by the strategic reduction of risk you can show how the chance can be greatly increased.

1 Hour Webinar

20-Mar-19: Where to find Customers & Interviewees

Having understood what questions to ask for your surveys or created your Minimum Viable Proposition (i.e. the product your going to sell to people), how do you find users and customers? The first half of this one hour webinar will reveal a large number of places you can find your customers-to-be so that you can extend the reach of your interviews and sales outside your current network. We will review how to maximise the use of sources including Facebook, LinkedIn and some less obvious places too. At the same time we will examine how to use this to build your expertise and brand so that you become someone people will refer to when they are trying to work out how to solve their problem.

19 & 20th March – Idea Generation and Validation

Discover how to validate your idea with over 100 potential customers without giving away your idea. This workshop covers the “Discovery” phase: the time before any product or service is built.

We examine the Growth Model and concentrate on the “Discovery Section” collecting evidence for product specification, development, future marketing and sales. We dive into the Value Proposition Canvas™ and complete it for our idea establishing a number of “hypothesis” (this is similar to the “Analysis” stage of Design Thinking).

19 March – Launch Pad

(Full content to be confirmed)

3 Hat Mastermind Workshop

12-Mar-19: Structure your company for future growth

Are you frustrated and fed up with constantly fighting fires?  Having to make every decision because your people won’t take responsibility?

Having the right people in the right roles is the key to growth.  But that only happens when you have well defined accountabilities whereby every person knows exactly what they’re responsible and accountable for with clear KPIs.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Promote your best tradesperson to a foreman and you lose your best tradesperson and get a lousy foreman.”

Using the GWC filter you’ll know if people are playing to their strengths and if not, what role would best suit. This increases efficiency, improves job satisfaction, reduces re-work and ultimately raises profitability while recovering wasted time.

CNRG Group

26-Feb-19: Converting your Side-Hustle into a Second Income

In the next installment of CNRG series, Brian Dorricott from Meteorical joins us to provide an overview of the process of starting with an idea all the way to a business proposition. Brian has helped clients understand the process and make the right decisions resulting in savings of more than $100,000.

To attend, please email me through the Contact Us page.

1 Hour Webinar

20-Feb-19: 10 Tricks & Insights for Customer Interviews

The first half of this one hour webinar will review the Customer or User Interview process from start to close showing how you can discover as much about your customer-to-be’s life without giving anything away about your idea or product. If you do this right, information you discover includes  who your first paying customers will be, what language to use to communicate with them and exactly what features your product or service needs for version 1.

Get this wrong and it could cost you $100,000s, lost time and lost idea.

3 Hat Mastermind Workshop

12-Feb-19: Manage Risk in Uncertain Times

The world is changing fast. How do you predict, prepare, respond and do more than just survive?

Donald Trump. Elections. Artificial Intelligence. Interest rate rises. Customer bankruptcy. Social Media. Energy cost & outages. The China effect. Disruption. GFC. That’s just for starters… and 2019 will bring many more.

The first session sets the foundations where you will determine your risks, rate each and decide which ones you can control and mitigate. Collaborating with fellow participants will help you design strategies to overcome issues which you can control while staying cognisant of and mitigate external factors you can’t.

7-Feb-19: Converting your Side-Hustle into a Second Income

In the next installment of IML’s webinar series, Brian Dorricott from Meteorical joins us to provide an overview of the process of starting with an idea all the way to a business proposition. Brian has helped clients understand the process and make the right decisions resulting in savings of more than $100,000.

Brian Dorricott has built and sold two businesses and completed decades of research into the optimum strategy to establish the best process which has just five key steps that you can easily follow. On the way we’ll discuss issues around idea theft, how to utilise your key insights and how much of your time it will all take.

Jan-19 Connect@Lindfield

Connect@Lindfield is specifically designed for hardware startups in the devices and IoT space.

Delivered at no cost to you by Lynne Teo and Brian Dorricott, the eight week intensive pre-accelerator experience will arm hardware start-ups with the business knowledge, connections and technical expertise to further refine their sustainable business model, seek funding for runway and apply for further acceleration or incubation.

14-Dec-18:  DemoDay & Expo for 2018 cohort of UTS:BCII’s 81516

Come meet the latest batch of 3rd year students of BCII and see their startup pitches. This is an interdisciplinary cohort of 100+ amazing students who have two weeks to get from idea to startup. To turbocharge that process, they have completed a business model design sprint with Business Models Inc., participated in the world’s largest Playing Lean event, and are being mentored by a hand-picked portfolio of UTS’ best entrepreneurial educators. Leading up to this event, they’ll continuously validate their ideas, participate in a public panel talk about student entrepreneurship, learn about IP from one of Australia’s top IP specialists, and complete an angel fund simulation in competition with a highly experienced angel.

Brian Dorricott will be one of the judges at this event.

21-Nov-18: Developing your Executive Team

Do you want to expand your business? Come to this event to discover simple management concepts and practical tools to take your business to the next level.

The topics will include:

  • an introduction to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • the 5 key roles or “seats” in a business
  • implementing EOS in your business
  • a case study from a local business (TBC)

The event is free and light refreshments will be provided.

1-Nov-18: NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year Award

I will be a judge at the Entrepreneur of the year Award which will be presented by David Thodey, Chair of Jobs4NSW as well as the CSIRO on:

  • Thursday November 1 at 5.30pm
  • at the Sydney Startup Hub, 11-31 York St, Sydney

As well as the Award presentation, the evening will feature

  • a pitching competition between companies from incubators at NSW Universities, and
  • presentations by finalists in the NSW Young ICT Explorer initiative for school children.

29-Oct-18: McCullough Robertson & FB Rice’s Entrepreneurship Workshop

McCullough Robertson and FB Rice, in conjunction with the NSW Government Small Business month, invite you to our Entrepreneurship Workshop. It will guide you through the challenges of setting up and growing an early-stage business.

The workshop will consist of six 30 minute sessions covering:

  • Business structuring, planning and accounting;
  • Keeping your house in order (from a legal perspective) and being investment ready;
  • Intellectual Property (patents and trade marks);
  • PR and online branding;
  • Privacy 101; and
  • The journey from idea to exit (nine key areas to master).

Presenters include:

  • Will McCullough, Senior Associate | McCullough Robertson
  • Ronelle Gelenhuys PhD, Senior Associate | FB Rice
  • Minna Zhu, Partner | Consolid8
  • Michelle Winter, Managing Director | Bango Group (Bango PR & Bango Tech PR)
  • Brian Dorricott, Managing Director | Meteorical
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