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Mastermind Groups were originally formulated by Napolean Hill. While the concept has been around for millennia, his treatise, written after he researched the 500 leading businessmen, inventors and civic leaders to learn their unique secrets and principles of success, has become the de facto standard for Mastermind Groups.

I am offering you the chance to benefit from exactly this power to help you dramatically improve your Side Hustle. Whether you have a Side Hustle to bring in extra income, as a passion project or a hedge against un-employment, take the opportunity now to achieve your dream.

If you would like the opportunity to join next Side Hustle Mastermind with six other people in a similar position to you, then complete the applications  below. You’ll be joining six other people who are looking to make their Side Hustle an income stream.

Benefits of the Side Hustle Mastermind

Like Minded Your compatriots are at a similar place in their commercialisation journey. This keeps comments and suggestions are pertinent and focused.
Learning Three learning modes are used: listening to others, explaining to others and expert presentations.
No politics Egos are left outside the conference and the facilitator will ensure that everyone has an equal chance to contribute and receive benefits.
Review There is no need to take notes – the session is recorded so you can review at your leisure.


How it works

Conference There are two principle formats of each two-hour online conference:

Hot Seat Pre-session each person identifies an issue that is blocking or stopping progress and writes a short brief describing the problem. During the session 4 attendees will have 30 minutes to present their issue and get the brain-power of the other seven present to solve it.
Expert Witness The Mastermind facilitator will poll all members to establish a common area where everyone would benefit from an Expert’s view. The facilitators will source (and pay) the Expert so they provide a 30 minute overview of the subject area. The remining 90 minutes will be spent with the whole group applying the learnings to their own situation with the help of the Expert.
Webinars Each month you are invited to a webinar on a different topic related to improving your hustle.
Nuggets You have access to a growing library of one minute nuggets of information. After watching one nugget, the AI system will recommend the next ones to watch so you can choose to go “deep” (more specific detail) or broad (more general information).


When are Side Hustle Mastermind Conferences held?

All conferences are held in the evening from 7pm to 9pm (Sydney time) so that everyone can easily attend them. The next dates for the next group are 28-Mar, 25-Apr, 23-May, 27-Jun, 25-Jul, 29-Aug, 26-Sep, 24-Oct and 28-Nov.


Application to join the next Side Hustle Mastermind

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