Offer 1: Free 30 minutes
Consultation with Brian

As an attendee of CEBit, I am offering to spend thirty minutes with you to discuss how the Science of Companies can be applied to your idea so that you can raise funding from customers and/or investors. Instead of asking my usual rate of $250 this is your complementary introduction.

What will happen during the session?

  1. I would like to hear a little about your idea. (If you are at all concerned about your Intellectual Property, I am happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on the day).
  2. I will ask a few questions.

What will you receive?

  1. Feedback as to whether I’ve seen the idea before (I’ve seen over 1,000 ideas from Entrepreneurs over the last two decades).
  2. A recommendation as to how your idea can be taken to the next stage by applying one or more of the many Investor Readiness Level tools – whether it be identifying customer to seeking funding.

This is a risk free opportunity to test your idea. There is no obligation upon you at all. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The bad news: space is limited… so book a slot below now!

Offer 2: 30% Discount
Capital Table Workshop

Do you know what your Capitalisation Table is? Or should look like? Why is it important? How do you manage it and what are the implications for a capital raise? It’s only maths – but it’s the very sole of motivation for your best, key staff. Get this wrong and you’ll have no staff or you’ll end up with nothing when you get to the exit. The stakes are too high for you not to plan the future of your company. You can’t leave this to chance…

What will happen on the night?

This is a short workshop session where you will investigate what the Capitalisation Table looks like and learn about the pros and cons of different decisions. We will talk about from the Entrepreneur’s point of view – not that of the investor (they want everything, right?) Bring a pen, paper and calculator – you will be doing some of the maths yourself!

Who’s presenting?

Brian Dorricott and David Kenney. David is a partner at Hall Chadwick and is a mentor, investor and advisor in companies with a value of over $2B.


Offer 3: Blog and updates
Startup Science Newsletter

There are over 100 articles on this website and a monthly mailing list you can join to receive the latest updates. Here are some of the top posts:

  • 10 Key Pitch Slides. What are the key points you need to allow investors to “self-filter” and come to you already extremely interested? How do you demonstrate the depth and quality of your expertise and knowledge? And only on ten slides? Here are some hints…
  • Where to Pitch in Sydney. A list of places you can pitch your idea to investors in Sydney, Australia.
  • Making a Distinction between MVPs and Prototypes. The terms Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and prototype are often used interchangeably in most of the technical literature and blogs. While working with startups, I have observed much confusion caused by this.
  • What is your Company Purpose? Company Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, Principles, etc. it’s all jargon… or is it? What’s the point? Why have it on the first slide of your pitch to an investor?

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