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Pitch Slide 1: The Purpose


Miss it out and your audience will be left wondering “Why?” They’ll feel confused and want to know why they should follow you and give you their hard-earned cash. According to DocSend, the first slide of your pitch, the purpose slide, only lasts 15.3 seconds. It sets the scene for everything that is to come. It’s the next level up from Vision, Mission, Values and Principles. It takes things to a new level: looking in from the outside.

It defines the company from the shoes of the customers rather than the impact the company will have on the customers.

In essence, Purpose says: “this is what we are doing for someone else”.

A great purpose will inspire your staff to do good work by impacting the lives of all those the company touches in a positive way. The Purpose is a short, focused statement that will guide and inspire employees and management. It is an answer to the “Why?” question – “Why is it important for humanity?” not just you.

How about an example to illustrate the point.

Who’s purpose is this?

“Keeping alive the magic of childhood.”

Walt Disney.

Can you see how this purpose permeates everything that Disney does from films, theme parks, and even determines which companies they may acquire. It’s about how the customers will feel about Disney. Not about the aspirations of the employees or management. It’s all about the customer.

What is your purpose?


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