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Pitch Slide 3: The Solution


Why is Solution the least popular slide of your presentation? Why have it at all?

It’s the least popular because it assumes you have a solution otherwise you wouldn’t even be presenting. But it’s still important since there are five key points you need to get over to demonstrate your authority and authenticity with confidence – I call them the 5 Ps of Solution.

Possible – Demonstrate that it is possible to solve the problem you’ve identified. This is your key insight. A prototype is good but something you can sell is even better. You’ve no idea how many people would need to break the laws of physics to make their solution works!

Performance – Does your solution perform ten times better than all the current solutions?

Protectable – Can you stop people copying your solution? Have you filed a patent or is it a trade secret?

Presentable – Can you present the solution to the problem with a simple story that customers will repeat to their friends bringing you new customers?

Profitable – Is it possible to make money with your solution. Having paying customers puts you well ahead of others looking for money. Typically investors will be looking for a demonstrated sales price around ten times higher than the cost of production.

If you only have time for one thing, concentrate on your key insight. The magic sauce that no-one else has. This is the insight that makes your proposition work where everyone else has failed in the past and will fail in the future. It makes everything possible.

So, write down your key points and select the best for your pitch.


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