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Pitch Slide 4: Why now?


Did you know that timing is more important than the team, business model and funding.

In fact, according to Bill Gross’s survey of 200 successful companies timing was critical in 42% of cases.

That’s why this is slide the fourth most important slide of your deck for investors.

So how do you articulate find three reasons why this will work now, not last year nor next year. We need three reasons so that if the investor doesn’t believe one, there are still two other good reasons!

But how to find them?

You may have heard of SWOT Analysis – it’s all about the internals of a company. Let’s look at the opposite, the PEST Analysis. Find a list of reasons from each domain and select the best. The four domains are:

Political – Think of all the areas the government could impact your customers. Transport, health, tax, law, regulation, defence, tariffs, labour regulation, freedom of movement, grants,

Economic – What’s the current monetary environment? Interest rates, inflation, exchange rates, etc.

Social – The impact of people and society on your company – culture, religion, changing age profile, general appetite for risk and to work, health consciousness,

Technology – What’s being developed elsewhere – R&D activity, automation, robots,

Of course, if your investors believe now is the time for your innovation, they will be worried about missing out…


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