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Pitch Slide 7: Team


Thank goodness everyone understands the importance of team in pitches – this is the most important slide, second only to financials!

But what do you say about your team? What if you don’t have a complete team? What do investors want to know?

Briefly, investors are looking for:

A Visionary – This is the person that holds the torch for the company and reminds people about the impact they are making when things get tough. They present at conferences and negotiate with key customers. So how does the public face of the company present themselves?

Grit and determination – What evidence demonstrates that this team will not give up? Is this a side hustle with no expectation of a fulltime commitment? If it doesn’t work out, will they simple return to their day job?

Completeness – Have someone accountable for all key activities in a company: Visionary, Implementer, Sales/Marketing, Technical, Finance. If there are some gaps, be humble and acknowledge this since it may be something an investor may be able to help you solve.

Cohesive – How did the team meet? Was there deliberate choice and selection? How have the answered hard questions like equity splits?

Experience – Evidence of success and knowledge relevant to the current project. For example a banker is unlikely to have experience useful for an Agricultural Technology company unless he just happens to manage his own farm.

And on top of all that, are you and your team coachable?


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