Pitch Review Service

Your slide deck is the first impression a judge or investor has of you. It reflects the quality of you, your work and your company. Any inconsistencies, confusion, or amateurish slide will damage your reputation. You only have one chance to make an impression. They will not look at you again if you don’t stand out for the right reason…

Actually it’s worse.

Those choosing the pitches decide just on your slides because they will not have seen you and probably never will. So no matter how good you are in person, you would never get the chance to pitch. Your slides have to reflect your ability to inspire and command attention.

The Answer?

Once you have put your pitch together, send it to Australia’s Pitch Expert for a once over review. You will receive a written report taking you through the issues and red-flags that an investor or competition judge may see. It’s not just about the graphics, but is is about the content. Does it tell the story? Is it consistent? Is it believable?

Only someone who has seen hundreds of pitches can quickly get to the key issues. This service is your chance to get the experience and feedback from a key person in Australia’s start up community.


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