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3-Jul: Got an idea? Today learn how to run a market test

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Had the idea…

Written your Value Proposition?

Have you interviewed 100 people? Do you know what your customers want? Even if you’ve asked lots of questions have you done it right?

Now what’s the quickest way to carry out a test to see if you’re right?

That’s the question we’ll answer tonight: How to run a Market Test.

Doing the right market test is hard – don’t fall into the trap of being biased to get the answer you “want”. We’ve seen people with 100s of products sitting in a garage they can’t sell because they didn’t do their market test right. That could be $100,000 of wasted cash, hours and emotional energy!

This interactive workshop will go through the best ways to test if what you are offering is what your potential customers really want. You will discover the importance of demographics and other metrics as you hone in on your perfect target market. A good market test will let you know things such as ‘Should I charge $100 or $200?’, ‘Do customers want Feature X or Feature Y?’, or ‘Should my product be blue or red?’.

When you know how to run a market test you will be amazed at how easy it is to do, how cheap it can be, and what tools are available to run them. We’ll show you the secrets to quick and easy market testing. This will allow you to maximise the growth of your business and to stop your business wasting money producing something nobody wants.

Bring pen, paper and laptop, since this is an interactive workshop where you’ll walk out thinking of ways to run an unbiased market test.

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18:00 Arrive & networking
18:30 Presentations
19:10 Audience Q&A
19:40 Networking & Light refreshments
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Previous people have said

Great night. Great insights and great food! [AL]

I sincerely appreciated the Meetup last night! You organized and ran it like the pro that you are! Great high-level content delivered by experts. Thanks for putting it together. [RD]

Brilliant. Brian was very informative & I look forward to coming back to many more & participating in workshops. [MF]

Thank you for the fantastic workshop – insightful, inclusive and high-impact. [RZ]

The Speakers

Alex Dance

Alex Dance loves seeing the results when digital marketing works. He started Hero Digital Marketing to help start-ups and traditional businesses get more customers.  Hero Digital Marketing offers a range of options from social media growth, LinkedIn lead generation, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, SEO, web-building and more.  They help clients become more attractive to their potential customers, improve response rates and ultimately to rapidly grow their business.  Alex and his team aim to help 10,000 clients and he can be reached on LinkedIn.

Aranka Nolan

Aranka has designed a career that is forged on the idea of understanding and engaging people. Starting a conversation with customers, gaining insights into the experiences they want, the solutions they are looking for and the communities they belong to has been an important driver in her work. She is a writer, designer, strategist, marketer, communicator and a team player bringing a diverse range of digital and creative skills to her roles. Aranka can be reached on LinkedIn.

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Date: 2018-07-03

Start time: 18:00

End time: 21:00

Venue: Level 40, HallChadwick, 2 Park St, Sydney

Directions: Head to 2 Park St (just around the corner from Town Hall Station). Take the lift to level 40. Turn toward reception and follow the signs.

Phone: 0451832968