There are a lot of resources on this website – some are available at no cost, some require your email address and permission to email you and for the remainder we ask you to attend one of our workshops. Here is a summary of the information available:

Free access

You don’t need to do anything to get access to…

  • All the blogs for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Book Reviews, Event Reviews and Timely Reminders. All well worth a read.
  • The background for a workshop I give to the University of Sydney Genesis Program each semester.

Email address

In return for your email address and the right to email you once per month we’ll allow you:


When you pay for a workshop you will get immediate access to :

  • The slides and other collateral for that workshop. Please see the workshop details for more information.
  • The full list of over 100 questions investors ask with hints about how to answer them.
  • Access to our list of funders and organisations that can help you start your business.