Briefly, in the last 30 years the method of taking an idea to market has been inverted. Instead of making product, marketing and selling it, the internet (and huge customer choice) has moved us to one where we research, market, sell and then make the product. The business world has responded by creating a huge set of tools to help companies and entrepreneurs understand the new world. This plethora of tools makes it challenging for entrants into the innovation space to understand the jargon and how to apply the new thinking to move forward.

There are too many tools & too much jargon.

The book I am proposing aims to solve this problem.

It is a reference book with the following sections:

  • A short overview of the most common startup tools along with references for further information and worked examples.
  • Limitations of the tool are listed (I’ve yet to see this in any written form).
  • Details of which tools to use before and after the current tool are listed and why they should be chosen.
  • A flow diagram to help entrepreneurs understand how all the tools work together and how to select the next one to apply to increase their knowledge.
  • A glossary to cover the most common terms in use (and note when there is more than one term for the same concept).

I now have two asks:

  1. Would you wish to purchase such a book? If so, please complete the short form to the right.
  2. Which tools would you like to see in the book? I have a quick survey at “Startup Tools Selection” which would help me understand how this book would fit your needs.

With enough interest, we can make this happen and increase the number of successful entrepreneurs everywhere.

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