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10 Pitch Slides for Business Angel Investment


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’m presented with a pitch deck and asked “will you send this to Business Angels” please? I take a look. It’s incomplete. Big sections missing.

Having run a Business Angel network for two years and got over $11,000,000 for 11 companies, I’ve seen a few presentations.

According to DocSend’s survey of 200 successful raises, you have just 224 seconds to make an impression and an average of 19.2 slides.

Combining this research with Harvard’s “Get Backed” and Sequoia Capital preferred pitch deck we have the following ten slides:

In the first slide set the scene with the Purpose. Define the pain customers suffer with the problem you’ve identified and its solution. What makes it imperative to act now? How big will the market be and how will you reach it. Show us the product but concentrate on why the team will execute successfully. How will we make money? Demonstrate your depth of knowledge by talking about your competition and then present the financials – why will you make an amazing return.

Then there’s the bonus slide – what are you asking for and who to write the cheque to.

Of course, there may be a much better solution, getting money from customers – no equity sold, retain all control, and freedom to invest as you wish.

Now you know the overview of a good pitch deck, take a look at each slide in turn.


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