Suffer Back Pain? Innovation To The Rescue

Suffer back pain? Innovation to the rescue

It’s a dangerous, hard, and sometimes tedious game. You’ve seen it on TV and it…

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Edtech Scaffolding App To Boost Playful Skill-building Funded

Edtech Scaffolding App to boost playful skill-building funded

Asha successes due to the Lean Commercialisation Program include being selected for partnership by a high profile education company and being funded to develop version 2 of her Straylings App.
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1 Thing People Obsessed With Growth Know To Be True

1 thing people obsessed with growth know to be true

The other day I came across something amazing. It solved a problem that had thought long and hard about. At the time I spoke to everyone I knew but there was no answer. The problem is over 15 years old now. And only recently have I found a solution for it – only to discover that I nearly solved it
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Jobs For NSW Funding Roadmap

Jobs for NSW Funding Roadmap

Many thanks to Brendan for sending through this map of how all the state and…

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Impact Events For 2018

Impact events for 2018

This year I have a team preparing to run a series of eleven events under…

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A Practical Child Game To Inspire New Ways Of Learning

A practical child game to inspire new ways of learning

Believing that the politicians who set the agendas for schools know best, we leave education of our children to our schools. Is that wise?
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Nathan Was Overjoyed. No Need For Investment Now

Nathan was overjoyed. No need for investment now

Sir Richard Branson has selected Nathan Spataro’s SecureVote as a finalist for the Talent Unleashed Awards’ “One to Watch” category in Melbourne this year, where he’ll pitch his business to Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. It nearly didn’t happen. I interviewed Spataro to discover why.
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I Inspired Amazing Progress For Yepsy – Now You Need To Help

I inspired amazing progress for Yepsy – now you need to help

It’s lunch time. Keep fit or eat? Petro Demertzi’s answer to this question resulted in the birth of Yepsy and he can now do both. Demertzi just sourced a manufacturing partner in China so how did he get here?
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Bridging The Gap Between Manager And Entrepreneur

Bridging the Gap between Manager and Entrepreneur

Two success facts, three key things to be wary of when making the jump and how to manage ideas. All this was covered by our panel in just 60 minutes at a recent breakfast meeting at the Institute of Managers and Leaders (formerly Australian Institute of Management).
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Presenting Your Financials

Presenting your financials

You know this is the last and most important slide. But do you need it? If not, why not? If yes, what and how do you present the information
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What’s The 2nd Most Important Slide In Your Pitch?

What’s the 2nd most important slide in your pitch?

According to DocSend’s research the 9th slide is the most important. Why? It is the slide that distinguishes you from someone with an idea and an expert who understands your customers’ needs. And that slide is…
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7 Possible Business Models – Which Are You Using?

7 Possible Business Models – which are you using?

How does your business model make money? Advertising, freemium and a brokerage fee? That’s three of seven models… do you look wise or confused?
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