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Update March 2019

Why a Links Page?

It has come to my attention that many “spam filters” will remove emails with too many URLs in them – so I’m reducing the number to a minimum. There are too many false positives (that is, spam filters flagging legitimate email as spam). I have a big issue with the whole process. Why? Would you tell the postman that he can open and destroy any letters he likes instead of delivering them? Of course you wouldn’t… or perhaps you are?

New Videos and Nuggets for March 2019

Here’s the promised list of new nuggets for February – there will be more coming in this month too.

  1. 4 Questions you should ask before entering an Accelerator Thinking of entering an Accelerator? Find out what you are letting yourself in for by asking these 4 questions.
  2. Interviews Part 1 – The Start There are four parts of a customer, user or beneficiary interview. Here we look at the first part in more detail.
  3. 4 Reasons Being a Prime Mover is not an advantage Think being first is important? Think again, there are real advantages to being a follower – let’s find out why.
  4. How to Price your Product or Service What strategy should you use to work out the price of your product or service? Let’s take a look…
  5. What are the 4 parts of an Interview? Having a plan makes it easy to conduction customer interviews. So what is the plan? Here we examine the four parts of an interview.
  6. Why do we do User/Customer Interviews? Why are Customer, User or Beneficiary Interviews so important?
  7. Pitch Slide 5: Market How big is the market? How do you demonstrate you really understand the question and not pay “lip-service” and kill the deal?
  8. I’ve filed my Patent, what next? Once you’ve filed your Provisional Application, you’ve a year until the next payment is required. Find out what you need to do next and why…
  9. The Dyslexic Advantage Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, Amstrad’s Sir Alan Sugar, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and media magnate Ted Turner are all highly successful business people. And they are all dyslexic. So what does it really mean?
  10. Should I resign and go full time now? When should you take the leap from your full time role? Let’s see what some other people did and why.

Great Events for March 2019

All the events listed in the Newsletter Email can be found on the Keynote Events Page.

Lean Mastermind

The Lean Mastermind is a small group of people (seven maximum) who meet by Web-conference each month for two hours to help each other overcome blocks and dramatically improve their progress. There are two forms: Hot Seating and Expert Witness. During the Hot Seat up to four participants will have 30 minutes each in which to share a serious issue they’ve met and have seven other people help them resolve it. It’s based on the concept of “insights on insights”. During an Expert Witness session, an expert in the field chosen by the Lean Mastermind group presents for 30 minutes and then joins a conversation and debate about what they have presented – for example it could be on the benefits (or not) of Social Media. If you are interested, drop me a line via the Contacts Page.




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