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10 Tricks and Insights for Customer Interviews

The first half of this one hour webinar will review the Customer or User Interview process from start to close showing how you can discover as much about your customer-to-be’s life without giving anything away about your idea or product. If you do this right, information you discover includes  who your first paying customers will be, what language to use to communicate with them and exactly what features your product or service needs for version 1. Get it wrong and it could cost you $100,000s, lost time and lost idea.

We’ll explore the four parts of a user/customer interview – introduction, demographics, discovery and close in detail. We’ll discover how to increase our engagement levels, keep our idea safe while finding out more about what our users really need to make their lives easier. We’ll talk about the concept of “Job To Be Done” and how to use the past to predict the future before concluding with how to close an interview to make sure you get further leads and permission to go back to them and sell them product in the future.

How to join the Webinar

At any time from the 1st of the month, you can visit this page and collect the Zoom URL. Click on the URL and a small app will open up in your browser which allows you to sign in and use your laptop or mobile video and microphone. There’s more information in our FAQ: How do I use Zoom for a webinar? page.

What you take away

On the Monday following the webinar, you can revisit this page to obtain:

  • A PDF overview sheet which gives you insight into the ideas you saw.
  • A video of the webinar for you to review.

How to attend – Buy a subscription

To get access to the webinar you’ll need to purchase at least one months’ subscription to this website using the button below.

Buy Ticket
Buy Ticket

How it works

1st of month

URL and meeting id for the webinar is revealed on this page to those who’ve paid for Webinar Subscription.

On the day

12:15/19:45 – Zoom open for connections.
12:30/20:00 – Start of Webinar.
13:00/20:30 – Start of general and specific Q&A session.
13:30/21:00 – Close of webinar.

Following Monday

Video of the webinar posted on this page for your review.

Webinar Downloads

You can view the webinar video and download the slide deck here. The following questions were asked:

  • Should I record the interview?
  • How many people should be interviewing?
  • How does the “why” from Simon Senik play into this?


[restrict level=5 message=”If you would like to see the video, you’ll need to purchase the Webinar Subscription.”]


Slide Deck

[restrict level=5 message=”If you would like to see the slides, you’ll need to purchase the Webinar Subscription.”]


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