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Webinar 17-Apr: What is the Value Proposition?

The Value Proposition is at the core of understanding why customers are interested in what you are about to sell them. When you approach building a value proposition in a structured, ordered way you build your knowledge and expertise about your customers. It allows you to identify with them much more quickly and effectively. Which ultimately means that you’ll build a loyal group of people who’ll buy from you when you are ready. Creating your first product without understanding why someone will use it is folly and expensive. This webinar will help you avoid that trap.

How to join the Webinar

At any time from the 1st of the month, you can visit this page and collect the Zoom URL. Click on the URL and a small app will open up in your browser which allows you to sign in and use your laptop or mobile video and microphone. There’s more information in our FAQ: How do I use Zoom for a webinar? page.

What you take away

On the Monday following the webinar, you can visit the webinar archive page to get a copy of the slides and review the webinar at your leisure.

Comments from previous Webinars

“Great talk, thanks. Really inspired me to get moving again after a long pause… ” [BD]

How to attend – Buy a subscription

To get access to the webinar you’ll need to purchase at least one months’ subscription to this website using the button below.

How it works

1st of month

URL and meeting id for the webinar is revealed on this page to those who’ve paid for Webinar Subscription.

On the day

19:45 – Zoom open for connections.
20:00 – Start of Webinar.
20:30 – Start of general and specific Q&A session.
21:00 – Close of webinar.

Following Monday

Video of the webinar posted on this page for your review.

8pm, Wed, 17-Apr-19

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