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Webinar: 21st August: How do I find my route to market?

Today we’ll introduce a new and powerful tool called the Value Gap Analysis. This tool allows you to discover five very important things: how you are different from the competition (your USP), how you are exposed and need to do more work, what isn’t a point of difference, and where your competition is wasting money. Before you start building anything, it is critical that you have this understanding of your position in the customers’ minds.

How to join the Webinar

Simply sign up at the Zoom Conferencing website and you will receive a confirmation that you have a spot. On the day, click on the URL that you got in your email and a small app will open up in your browser which allows you to sign in and use your laptop or mobile video and microphone. There’s more information in our FAQ: How do I use Zoom for a webinar? page.

What you take away

If you have paid for a subscription, head to our Webinar Archive and two days later you’ll be able to review the webinar and download the slides. You’ll also have access to all other webinar slides.

Comments from previous Webinars

“Great talk, thanks. Really inspired me to get moving again after a long pause… ” [BD]

How it works

Sign up now to ensure your place by clicking on the Register button below. We’ll email you a day and and an hour beforehand to remind you to log in to see the webinar at 8pm.

Once the webinar is completed, a recording will be uploaded to our Archive page along with the presentation which you are free to download.

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