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Finding your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Today we’ll introduce a new and powerful tool called the Value Gap Analysis. This tool allows you to discover five very important things: how you are different from the competition (your USP), how you are exposed and need to do more work, what isn’t a point of difference, and where your competition is wasting money. Before you start building anything, it is critical that you have this understanding of your position in the customers’ minds.

Finding my BHAG

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will anyone else? This webinar will give you methods and techniques you can use to discover and articulate your Purpose, Big Massive or Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

What is the Value Proposition for Business Angels?

Why do Business Angels make investments? Get it wrong and the Business Angel could punish you and make your life not worth living. Get it right and they could be your best friend for life. So how to choose?

In this Webinar we’ll complete the Value Proposition for a typical angel and then look at how different types of Angels can help you. We’ll round off by looking at some example questions you could ask to discover if they are the right person for you.

What is the Value Proposition?

The Value Proposition is at the core of understanding why customers are interested in what you are about to sell them. When you approach building a value proposition in a structured, ordered way you build your knowledge and expertise about your customers. It allows you to identify with them much more quickly and effectively. Which ultimately means that you’ll build a loyal group of people who’ll buy from you when you are ready. Creating your first product without understanding why someone will use it is folly and expensive. This webinar will help you avoid that trap.

Where to find User and Customer Interviewees

Having understood what questions to ask for your to test your assumptions in the Value Proposition Canvas it’s time to find people to ask. After a quick review of the assumptions, in this webinar, Brian Dorricott provides nine places you can search for interviewees so you can reach that magic 100 interviews. This is followed by an introduction into how to use LinkedIn to find people in organisations that may be able to help you – starting with the CEO of Woolworths.

10 Tricks and Insights for Customer Interviews

We’ll explore the four parts of a user/customer interview – introduction, demographics, discovery and close in detail. We’ll discover how to increase our engagement levels, keep our idea safe while finding out more about what our users really need to make their lives easier. We’ll talk about the concept of “Job To Be Done” and how to use the past to predict the future before concluding with how to close an interview to make sure you get further leads and permission to go back to them and sell them product in the future.

The best thing: Brian Dorricott will show you how you can discover as much about your customer-to-be’s life without giving anything away about your idea or product.

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