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What is a Nugget?


This video is an example of how short a nugget is – just one minute and enough for one insight.

Like gold, a timely nugget can change your perspective overnight.

Unlike some forms of knowledge, all my nuggets are:

  • Actionable. Every one has a key learning point in it. It took me a long time to make this possible!
  • Timely. Information when you need it.
  • Orderly. You choose what you want to learn – the complete antithesis of a course where you have to follow what someone else decided you need to know.

Most of all, they allow you to make informed decisions about taking your idea to the next step.

So, where do they come from? Having founded and sold two companies, been an Entrepreneur in Residence at the world’s top University Incubator and run a Business Angel Network, I’ve amassed lots of nuggets of wisdom. I’ve condensed each learning to its essence and made this into a short video.

Some nuggets are complimentary, some I ask a small fee for, some have downloads and I’m running monthly webinars too. When you watch a nugget, my AI algorithm will recommend the next ones to watch.

Just one nugget could save you thousands of dollars in time, effort and money.


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