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Why do we do User/Customer Interviews?


Why do we do interviews of our potential Users & Customers?

It’s obvious – to find out what they want.

However, if you are creating something that they don’t know they need yet, how will you be able to ask them if they want it?

Even worse, people are notoriously bad at predicting what they want in the future. In fact, they are hugely more positive about wanting new things than their wallet will allow.

There are six key impacts of the correct Customer Discovery will have on your (and your product’s) future. So before spending time and effort manufacturing your solution, it is essential to get this right. Spending time now will pay huge dividends in the future.

There are four broad ways of carrying out customer research and, depending upon your invention, you may do all or only one of them. The most important technique is Insight or Customer Discovery which is what you should look at next.


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