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Making your idea into an
income stream
is a sport
I am your
high-performance trainer.

What about you?

You’ve an idea or a company that’s growing. But the next step is unclear…

Having done it multiple times myself, I understand the loneliness of command, when it’s your decision about what to do next (and no-one else’s), when you’re scared there’s an unknown unknown lurking that could destroy everything. I am your eyes and ears. I have perspective to see the bigger picture rather than today’s problems. I see what is coming and hear the faint, often overlooked signals that all is not what it seems. I tell you the truth. I will challenge you in a safe, open, but confidential environment.

Together, we will reflect, strategize, discuss and plan. You will gain new techniques, tactics and knowledge. We will build you (and your company’s) roadmap to success. Big success.

If you are going to be my client, you already know you need more. Much more. By being here you’ve taken the first important step.

Invest in yourself, get out of your comfort zone and get the right guide. Arrange a call for 30 minutes to discover the impact we can make together.

The outcome? Results. Your results. Your success.

Your dream realised.

What can I help you with?

Including negotiation techniques, principles of failing fast, complex decision making, legal documentation, jargon, company/corporate structure, equity and capital table management.

Evidence based Value Proposition creation. Establish market size, composition and route to market. Understand implications of going international. Create product champions allowing you to break through the Chasm between Innovators and Early Majority.

Expand your BMC to encompass the whole business allowing you to deliver exceptional product/service to your customers. Introduce strategies to build a defensive wall from your current and future competitors.

Create Balance Sheet and Balance Sheets based on your development and production costs through to marketing to prove viability and growth potential. Introduce pricing strategies and available funding opportunities. Identify KPIs including CAC, LVC, etc.

Setup accountable company structure and heartbeat. Personal growth to Visionary. Identify exit strategies for all key personnel and partners whether you are building a life-style company, company for sale, targeting an IPO or aiming to license your technology.

Condense all key elements of your business into a single document, pitch deck and Gaddie Pitch for use with Banks, Grant bodies, Business Angels and VCs.

Who else have I helped?

Where can you find me?

+61 (0)434 799 829

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