Brian Dorricott

Every morning, I wake up energized to inspire others in all areas of my life. Be it:

  • designing elegant, high performance technical architecture;
  • coding high performance software;
  • re-seeing the wonders of nature;
  • experiencing the beauty of dance; or
  • overcoming life’s greatest challenges.

In fact, the best words I hear are, “You’ve inspired me.“.

I find that inspired people deliver their best. And for a company, that means sustainable advantage in every area of the business.

Right now, I’m open to the next challenge. If you know of a team that wants to inspire their customers, drop me a line.

Tech Engineer & CTO

2020 – 

Systems architect from data pipes through AI/GAI systems with ethics, cyber security and privacy maintenance. Has been known to roll-up sleeves and deliver. Currently healthcare Scaleup Sector. More.

Business Angel

2004 – 2019

Funded 11 businesses to $11 million, Entrepreneur in Residence, Australia’s National Accelerator Lead Facilitator working with over 100 teams, UTS MBAe lecturer. More.

Founder & CEO

1995 – 2003

Founded, bootstrapped, led, and sold two multi-million-dollar businesses – one to Cisco Systems Inc. Principal technical architect, managing director, and financial controller. More.


Brian has worked with me now for the last 2.5 years across both his tenure at Telstra Health and then Alcidion. Brian has been an incredible asset to the team, both in terms of his deep expertise in data science, development and architecture, and also in his style and approach to working in a team and supporting those around him.

Without exception, feedback about Brian is always positive, highlighting his skills in explaining complex concepts in a tangible manner, and his willingness to pitch in regardless of the ask. I have learnt so much from him, and know that he will be an asset to all those he works with in the future.

Nick White

Director of Analytics and Marketing, Alcidion

Brian consistently demonstrates a remarkable level of professionalism and competence in his role. He is highly skilled (not limited) in all areas of data analytics, along with staying updated with the latest developments and methodologies in this field.

Beyond his technical abilities, Brian possesses business management skills, this gained via his engagements in both public and private sectors, as well as managing his own businesses. He is a natural collaborator, always willing to assist and share his expertise.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brian Dorricott for any professional endeavors or opportunities that may come his way.

Douglas Hinds

Program Management Specialist

Brian brought an unparalleled level of expertise and insight to the RMIT: The AI/Data Science Professional class. His in-depth knowledge of AI and data science was evident, and he demonstrated a unique ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner. The real-world examples and practical applications he shared greatly enhanced students’ and my own understanding of the subject matter.

What truly set Brian apart was his passion for the field and his commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of AI and data science among students. The talk was not only informative but also inspiring, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Feng Xia

Professor of Computer Science at RMIT University

As an Executive MBA student at UTS, I was taught by Brian on the topic of start-up structures and IP. I found Brian’s breadth of knowledge, energy and his teaching style to be tremendously motivating and effective. I’ve not come across a more engaging online facilitator. Would highly recommend any opportunities for collaborating with, or being taught by Brian!

Sophie Ritchie

Head of Portfolio Management @ KPMG High Growth Ventures

I have known Brian Dorricott since 2012 in my capacity as President of the Board of Management of Pymble Turramurra Pre-school, of which Brian was Treasurer between 2013-2015.

Brian is very capable and I hold him in high regard. He discharged his duties as Treasurer with consummate professionalism. Brian is dependable and a team player. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and our team enjoyed increased effectiveness and efficiency as a result of Brian’s contributions to all aspects of administering the pre-school, not just Treasury. Brian contributed to the introduction of a variety of governance initiatives and proactively drove change.

Three words that describe Brian: approachable, assertive, a lateral thinker.

Jessica Cooper

Director - Operations, Executive Coach, Deloitte Australia

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